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Recurrent appointments

Skrevet 2018-03-14 af christina

System update: Extraction of data from EasyPractice

Skrevet af Maja

Journal Settings and Table Properties

Skrevet 2018-03-12 af Maja

How to link to your website from your online booking page

Skrevet 2018-03-11 af Maja

Introduction video to EasyPractice

Skrevet 2018-03-05 af christina

Hello everyone! Want to know what the booking system EasyPractice can offer? What features we have? Why we consider it the most intuitive booking system out there? Then check out this introduction video!

How to use the interval and pause function to customise your online booking form

Skrevet 2017-10-22 af Maja

EasyPractice as an icon on your home screen – just as good as an app

Skrevet 2017-10-20 af Maja

How to repeat an agreement with the same client?

Skrevet 2017-10-17 af Maja

MailChimp: How to make a newsletter

Skrevet 2017-10-16 af Maja

Getting started with MailChimp: how to import your clients from EasyPractice

Skrevet af Maja

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