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At EasyPractice, we’ve spent a lot of time and energy customising our system specifically to your needs. That’s why you can be almost certain that we’ve your profession and tasks into the system. We’ve done that to make your everyday life easier, so you can focus on the things that are much more fun than administration.

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Structure your workday as a personal trainer with online booking

As a personal trainer, you can have many different types of clients who need help in many different ways. With an online booking system from EasyPractice, you can save a lot of time

Look professional with a simple online booking tool for psychotherapists

EasyPractice is an online booking system that allows you to streamline your workday as a psychotherapist. With our system, the administrative part of the treatment is greatly simplified
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Online booking and invoicing system built for reflexologists

As a reflexologist, you need space to use your skills in pressure treatment of especially vulnerable places on the body. With an online booking system, you'll save large amounts of time on the administrative aspects of your workday

Don't worry - your profession is covered too!

We made sure to cover all professions in the industry so you can use EasyPractice in your practice too. Find your profession below, and see how you save time and money.



Get the peace and quiet to place the right needles



Free up more time for the treatment and the final touch

Body Therapist

Use your energy on treating your clients - not on accounting processes

Body-SDS Therapist

Don't let invoicing and record-keeping be a sore spot in your practice



An Easy and Manageable Everyday Life for the Chiropodist


Get GDPR Secured Journal Entry and Encrypted Communication With Your Clients


Keep your eye on guiding your clients on the right path, with easy invoicing and online payment


Use online booking and administration and free up more time for the conversation

Cognitive Therapist

Solve your clients' puzzle in peace with online booking and administration

Conversational therapist

Maintain focus on the conversation with online booking and easy administration

Couples Therapist

With online booking you'll have more time for the therapy

Craniosacral Therapist

With SMS reminders, online booking and easy invoicing, you'll have the peace and quiet to find peace and quiet with your client



Optimise your results as a dietician, with online booking


Family therapist

We take care of your business so you can focus on your clients' family dynamics


Gestalt Therapist

Keep the overview to find the core of the matter, with easy invoicing and record-keeping



Get your booking and payments automated to keep focus on the customers


Keep your focus on your clients with this simple system for your business


With online booking, you can remove all administrative focus and concentrate fully on your client


Massage Therapist

Use your hands to give massages and not to type on the keyboard


An Online Booking System with Secure Data Retention and Encrypted Communication with Clients


Keep all the Administrative Tasks in one Place and Put More Energy into Your Work

Music Therapist

With online booking, the administrative aspect of your practice will dance to your tune


Nail technician

Let us take care of the administrative stuff and give your business a professional image with online booking for nail technicians

NLP psychotherapist

With EasyPractice you get a complete tool box for running your business, as well as completely secure storage of client data.


Occupational Therapist

Simplify Your Everyday Life with Online Booking and Secure Storage of Client Records.

Osteopathic Physician

Gather all the Administrative Work on a Secure Platform.


Personal Trainer

Keep your eye on the ball with easy online booking, time management and online payment

Physical massage therapist

Get the time to push the right spots on your client instead of your computer

Physical Therapist

Get the time to work on the right muscles with online booking and easy invoicing


Simplify the administrative processes as a psychiatrist

Psychodynamic therapist

Don't let your administrative work bug you unconsciously - EasyPractice keeps on top of it for you


Help yourself save time in your day-to-day work with online booking


Fast and simple online booking for the digital psychotherapist



Keep your focus on the feet with EasyPractice's free online booking system

Relaxation Therapist

Relax your time management with online booking that makes paperwork easier



Online booking system that gives you more time to focus on your clients

Sports massage therapist

Your new booking system optimises your business so you can optimise your clients' performances

Sports therapist

We help you with your administration and keep your client data safe, so that you can be more efficient with your time and energy.


Tattoo artist

Organise your business and customise your booking system to your professional aesthetic with EasyPractice for the tattoo artist.


Yoga instructor

With EasyPractice you can let go of administration worries so that you can be present in the moment

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From day 1, I was surprised just how simple and easy it is to use EasyPractice. This is also the feedback I get from clients. It’s a super nice program with many possibilities – it’s perfect for me. I offer both treatments, workshops and lectures, so it’s great to have everything combined in one system. I can only give my warmest recommendations.


Doctoral Cert. Masseuse

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