Easy calendar managing with online booking as a dietitian

We’ve conceived a user-friendly booking system for practicing dietitians at EasyPractice. This system is definitely for you if you want to optimise your results for clients and expand your business. Online booking saves time, makes administrative tasks easier and leaves you with so much more time for your clients.

The full picture of your business
  • Statistics relating to your business
  • Merge the booking system with your own website
  • Easy to navigate, add and edit client records
  • Create multiple calendars in accordance with your preferences
User-friendly design

Online booking is primarily a help to you as a practitioner, giving you structure in your day-to-day tasks. But at the same time, EasyPractice makes it simple and easy for your clients to interact with you. With our booking system, clients can see when you are available, book appointments accordingly, pay online and automatically receive an invoice by e-mail.

  • Online booking of appointments in your calendar
  • Text message reminders at noon the day before your appointment
  • Sell multiple treatments with vouchers for your clients
  • Automatic invoice and payment with EasyPay
More time with your client
With a bare minimum of time spent on the administrative tasks of being a dietitian, you will enjoy having more time with your clients. We believe that creates better results for your client and that it results in a great deal of positive engagement. Clients will be pleased with the extra attention you are able to offer them.
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EasyPractice is perfect and has 100% uptime. It simply just works – it’s a pure pleasure! Genius – lovely – time saving – easy. And on top of that, it’s available at a fair price.


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