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EasyPractive is a platform for therapists and clinics, but it has shown that our system have become many hairdressers “secret weapon”, because EasyPractice is cheap, simple and is easy to set up. Both as a therapist and as a hairdresser.

As a hairdresser it is important to be smooth with your hands and master small talking with your customers. When you are recieving new bookings, answering a phone in the middle of an appointment is not that smooth. EasyPractice does the job for you. With a simple Online booking system where your customers can book an appointment when it is appopriate for them – without disturbing you in your work.

All the tools - gathered in one place
More than one hairdresser in the salon?

With EasyPractice you get the opportunity to make an unlimited amount of calendars in your system. In that way you can assign calendars to your colleagues and let your customers decide which hairdresser they would like. All calendars can be customized to the opening hours that it suits your salon perfect. Other than that you’ll get a great overview of the bookings your customers have made and store them safely on our platform.

  • Simply integrate Online booking on your homepage or Facebook
  • Online Payment – Your clients get an invoice by mail attached as a file, where they safe and simple can pay online
  • Your customer can simply find available time in your calendar, and book an appointment that suits the both of you
Keep on chilling with simple payment and billing
With EasyPractice you're not only getting a great booking system, our program also includes the possibility to activate online payment with EasyPay. In this way you give your customers the opportunity to pay online directly when they book an appointment. After the payment is completed you will receive a bill and the payment will be transferred to your account.
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From day 1, I was surprised just how simple and easy it is to use EasyPractice. This is also the feedback I get from clients. It’s a super nice program with many possibilities – it’s perfect for me. I offer both treatments, workshops and lectures, so it’s great to have everything combined in one system. I can only give my warmest recommendations.


Doctoral Cert. Masseuse

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