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As a massage therapist, you know how to work with your hands, but you are not necessarily interested in archiving medical records or keeping track of appointments. At EasyPractice, we created a system to take care of and simplify your administrative tasks so you have more time for your work and clients.

Making your day-to-day tasks simple
  • A structured workflow – the system lets you create multiple calendars configured to your preference
  • Transparent and easy handling of invoices by e-mail
  • A statistical overview of your business
  • Navigate your client records easily
  • Make online booking an integrated part of your website
Easy to sign up for and use

When your visitors contemplate whether they should choose you or a competitor, your website’s user-friendliness and overall professionalism is important for their decision. With an online booking system, you keep it simple for you and your clients, giving you that edge over your competitors.

  • Easy online booking in your calendar
  • The EasyPay payment module lets you tailor your desired payment to individual clients
  • Text message reminders sent to the client at noon the day before their appointment
  • Safe receipt and payment of invoices online
Avoid misunderstandings with an online booking system
When making verbal appointments, sometimes things can be misunderstood. With online booking you have evidence of the appointment, while processes are handled faster for you and the client. You both save valuable time!
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I’m so happy with my new booking system. It works flawlessly and makes everything so much easier. The warmest recommendations from me.


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