Let Go of the Administrative Burden with Online Booking for Mindfulness

EasyPractice is an online booking and administration system that gives you extra time in your daily life. The intuitive design makes it easy for you to keep track of your company’s daily operations, enabling you to focus your energy completely on your clients.

User-friendly Systematics Give You Peace of Mind

In mindfulness it is important to be in the moment and get rid of all concerns. In EasyPractice, you can collect all your administrative work in one place and know that you and your clients’ information is safe with us.

  • All personal information is encrypted and stored on servers in Denmark.
  • Create and store templates for your journals.
  • Easy book keeping with automatic billing through EasyPay.
  • Encrypted messages between you and your clients with the Secure Messages app. 
Help Your Clients Get Started - Online Booking Makes it Easy to Be Your Client

With Online Booking and Client Login, you can give your clients the option to easily get an overview of your services, book a session at available time slots – no need for long correspondences in order to find a suitable time.

  • Customise your opening hours in your calendar – Online Booking manages your available time slots.
  • Client Login allows your clients to set up an account and book sessions directly through Online Booking.
  • Create repeated events for groups and classes.
  • Automatic e-mails and text messages to confirm new bookings and reminders prior to the session.
  • Create vouchers for your clients so they will come back over and over again.
Include Yourself
With EasyPractice you can digitalise your administrative tasks without losing contact with your clients: customise your Online Booking, your automated messages etc., and add your personal touch. Get started customising your Online Booking today.
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EasyPractice is brilliant, and I recommend it to everyone I know in the counselling business as well as to all of my course participants. Whether you’re a psychologist, psychotherapist, healer, counselor, a sexual therapist or a couples counselor – anyone who is in the business of selling hours of knowledge and counselling can save hours on administrative work every month by using EasyPractice. This is definitely the best system out there. It’s easy to use, it’s manageable and it’s easy to get started

Maj Wismann

CEO and Owner of Majwismann.com

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