Music Therapist - simple booking system for music therapy

As a music therapist, you need time and tranquillity to help your clients. With an online booking system by EasyPractice, all your paperwork is taken care of with just a few clicks.

All the basic needs - and then some
  • Billing – invoice is sent safely and easily by e-mail to your clients
  • Records – easy access, navigation and editing of your client records
  • Statistics – keep track of your business
  • Structured workflow – create several calendars designed to your preference
  • Merge the online booking system with your website through IFrame
Focus on the client

Your client is the heart of your therapy, which require some insight into and understanding of the client to help them through music. With online booking, you have more time for those important work processes when all of your appointments and payments are handled by the system.

  • Easy booking of appointments in your online calendar
  • Take charge of when and how your clients pay you with EasyPay
  • Text message reminders at noon the day before their booking
  • Automated invoicing and direct payment by e-mail
A great start
With online booking, the client and their families choose whether they wish to call you on the phone to book an appointment, or to do it online with your calendar. Tedious administrative processes are simplified for both you and the client, and a more flexible booking is great for your business.
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I’ve been using EasyPractice for about a year now, and it has proven to be an amazing tool for keeping track of my business. With EasyPractice, I’ve gained an easy-to-learn tool that at the same time helps me keep track of appointments, billing and clients. I can only recommend that you give EasyPractice a go.


Existential Psychotherapist/MPF & Coach

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