Gather all Administrative Tasks and Get an Overview of Your Business

As an osteopathic physician, you work closely with your clients to diagnose problems and provide effective treatments. Therefore, many osteopathic physicians have discovered EasyPractice. At EasyPractice, we help osteopathic physicians get an overview of the administrative tasks.


Moreover, we ensure a complete overview of your calendar, invoices, journals, and client information. In this way, you get the possibility to concentrate on treating your clients and give them your full and undivided attention. On top of this, we guarantee high data security in EasyPractice.

Give Your Clinic the Complete Toolbox
More Time for What Matters

EasyPractice provides you with many administrative advantages. One of the main advantages is the centralized focus on the clients. As an osteopathic physician, there are several matters to attend to including booking new sessions, invoicing, and creating journal entries. Fortunately, the entire process can be automised so you do not have to worry about anything else besides your clients.

  • Your client is automatically reminded the day prior to the session.
  • You will have the option to communicate with all your clients through an encrypted connection.
  • You will have an overall view of your calendar even if it is full.
Get Rid of all Paper Journals
At EasyPractice you have the opportunity to gather all your journals on one secure platform. You have probably already heard of GDPR and the increasing focus on security when it comes to sensitive data. Do not worry about that. EasyPractice keeps up to date with any changes and updates. You can also read a complete guide to GDPR with us.
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EasyPractice has saved my therapeutic practice from the nightmares of unforgiving administrative work. Combined with easy, intuitive handling of online booking, billing and an overview of appointments and journals – it feels professional, but with no major difficulties. I’m very satisfied with EasyPractice, and would recommend it to anyone.


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