Easy and manageable online booking system for personal trainers

As a personal trainer, you get many types of clients looking for different types of help. With an online booking system by EasyPractice, you can easily save time on administrative processes and instead focus on your practice.

Meeting any trainer's needs
  • Simple and safe delivery of invoices by e-mail.
  • Merge the booking system to your own WordPress website
  • Easily navigate client records
  • Get a structured workflow with multiple calendars for different types of work
  • Statistics of your business
For any of the clients’ needs

As a personal trainer, you know that no two clients are ever the same and that they all have individual needs. Primarily, every client has different requirements for their training, but they would all tend to prefer different payment or booking methods. With a booking system, clients can choose when and where they book an appointment, pay and receive invoices – completely interaction free.

  • Easy online booking
  • Automatically sent invoice and your decided method of payment by EasyPay
  • Safe receipt of invoices as PDF by e-mail
  • Text message reminders at noon the day before your appointment
Avoid misunderstandings and stay focused on the client
All of your appointments are automatically handled by the booking system, and you receive a reminder when new appointments are booked. You can avoid misunderstandings and personal errors in the paperwork and spend your time on optimising your training sessions instead.
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I’ve been using EasyPractice for about a year now, and it has proven to be an amazing tool for keeping track of my business. With EasyPractice, I’ve gained an easy-to-learn tool that at the same time helps me keep track of appointments, billing and clients. I can only recommend that you give EasyPractice a go.


Existential Psychotherapist/MPF & Coach

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