Online booking for physical massage therapists focusing on treatment

A physical massage therapists needs time and space to exercise their profession. The skills in your field are what your clients require. At EasyPractice, we designed an online system to let you focus on your work by simplifying your administrative tasks. Our system will make it easier for you to handle important documents so you can spend your time on your clients.

The online booking system gathers everything on one site

Booking, payments and archives can take quite a toll on any practitioner. Our system grants your practice greater efficiency, in turn making your workload far easier.

  • Bill clients by e-mail
  • Simple navigation of clients’ records
  • Text message reminders at noon the day before your appointment
  • Statistics of your business
  • Integrate your booking system to your own website
  • Keep several calendars, if you wish
  • The EasyPay payment module lets you choose your desired method of payment
Take the burden off your clients’ shoulders

Your clients and the way they view you and your clinic can be a deciding factor of your success. With an online booking system, your clients book appointments without any hassle, they can pay online and – thanks to our text message reminders – never miss an appointment. Simplify your appearance and increase the appeal to clients with our online booking system!

  • Text message reminders at noon the day before your appointment
  • The client can order an appointment according to your schedule in the system
  • The client receives the invoice shortly after payment
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A huge thanks for an easy and comprehensible booking system that works flawlessly. Your quick and helpful support – and your answers to requests for improvements to the system makes it so much more attractive.


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