Easy administration system and payment for physical therapists

EasyPractice is a booking system which enables you to handle administrative processes automatically, providing you with structure and efficiency in your working life. Billing, working with medical records, calendar management – anything you can think of. As a physical therapist, you will get an increased overview of your practice with our user-friendly system, and your clients will simply love it!

Every function to make your work easier
  • Create several calendars to structure your practice, configure them to your preference
  • Easy navigation of client records – add, adjust or edit
  • Simple issuing of invoices by e-mail
  • Statistics of your business
  • Combine the booking system with your WordPress website
Help your client

Help your client

User-friendly online booking is not only a help for you, but your clients as well. Your clients will have an overview of available appointments when booking, safely receiving billing in an e-mail. Every process is simpler for you and your clients when everything is in just one place.

  • Easy booking online
  • EasyPay – design your own method of payment
  • Text message reminders at noon the day before your appointment
  • Intelligent record-keeping system
Avoid redundant paperwork
To many practicing physiotherapists, paperwork definitely does not rank as one of the most enjoyable tasks. With a simple online system, all records and other important documents can be gathered together and edited in one program – in turn, granting you more time for doing the work you love.
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EasyPractice is perfect and has 100% uptime. It simply just works – it’s a pure pleasure! Genius – lovely – time saving – easy. And on top of that, it’s available at a fair price.


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