Easy and user-friendly booking system for the tattoo artist

As a tattoo artist there are several different sides to your work: on one side you have to be creative and present with your clients, and on the other side you have to run a business. Ideally you should spend most of your time with your clients or by a table with pencil and paper, instead of putting all of your hours into your administration. We help you with that at EasyPractice: vi make sure that the administration of your business runs smoothly so that you can spend more time doing what’s important.



Customise your online booking and attract more clients

We know that as a tattoo artist, aesthetics sell. Your clients have to quickly be able to get a feel for the different styles of the studio, and here it’s of course important that your online booking matches your strengths. That’s why you can customise your online booking system in different ways so that it fits you perfectly. On top of that you get a easily accessible and user-friendly system that your clients can use to book appointments in 2 minutes.

  • Add pictures and descriptions to your booking site.
  • Customise your own online booking form to make sure you get the exact information that you need, when your clients book.
  • Receive payment when your clients book an appointment with our online payment service, EasyPay.
  • Send free SMS-reminders and e-mails to make sure your clients never forget an appointment.
We make your accounting feel like child's play so that you can develop your creativity

Even though your job should primarily be about creating the art you love doing, accounting is unfortunately a part of every business owner’s life. But this doesn’t have to take up more time than what’s absolutely necessary! EasyPractice’s accounting module has all basic accounting features that can automatise your book keeping to a degree where you barely have to think about it. Then there’s more time to develop your art.

  • Create and send invoices through e-mails directly from the system
  • Create invoices automatically when using EasyPay.
  • See key figures on your business in the invoices menu.
It's easy to be more than one artist in a shop
You most likely work in a shop with several different artists in the same space. EasyPractice makes it super easy for everyone to keep track of their individual appointments, and for clients to book each individual artist. You can create as many calendars as you'd like, and in this way every artist has their own calendar in the system and in your online booking. 
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I have been very satisfied with EasyPractice. I think that it works really well. It’s easy to navigate in, and clients can pick and schedule an appointment when it suits them. This has made my job a whole lot easier.


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